eBook Template
eBook Template

The eBook Template is written in html, css and javascript. Our eBook Template will make ebook publishing an easy task. You can make ebooks as fast as you can write. Check out the list of features below.

•  Low Cost
•  Cascading Menu
•  Any Number of Chapters
•  Any Number of SubSctns
•  Any Number of Pages
•  Next and Previous Buttons
•  View Any Page
•  Input Images, DataTables,
•  Hyperlinks, Paragraphs...
•  Display Intrnet, Desktop
•  or Copy to CD's
•  IE, NS & Mozilla Compatable
•  Int Explorer HTML Compliant
•  Step by step Instruction

You only need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to write your eBook documents. You do not need any knowledge of JavaScript.

The eBook Template code can be downloaded within minutes. The download is a .zip folder, containing the html files that make up the eBook Template, which can be viewed with any IE5+, NS6 or Mozilla browsers. After submitting your purchase info, an email with a hyperlink to the download, will be sent to the email address you submit in the purchase order.


Welcome to the exotic world of eBooks and digital delivery. We hope you enjoy our eBook Template that is written in html, css and javascript. This eBook maker will demonstrate how easy it is to share your knowledge without the high cost of hard copy publishing. When you write eBooks you can use hyperlinks, to expand your knowledge base, employ viral marketing technique and make your eBooks interactive through the World Wide Web. Our eBook creator allows any html, css or javascript code. You can input images, hyperlinks, tables, audio / video ... A finished eBook can be displayed as an html document on the internet or on the desktop. It can also be compiled into an .exe file for easier downloading and to display with eBook Directories.

We would like to introduce the exotic features, of our html eBook, in our free demo. Click the link below to download our free eBook Template Demo.

Free eBook Template Demo

To see how a modified version of the eBook Template looks on the internet, check out our  Webmaster Directory.


From Buyer - John Robert Franklin,MD
9/12/2008 06:43 PDT

    The link worked great; I downloaded the template sucessfully. The product is even better than I expected, due to the thorough documentation you provide. I'm so pleased with the product that I'll tell others about it and give credit when I use it! PayPal, this issue is closed with an outcome that is more than satisfactory.

John Franklin

eBook Template

eBook Template

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