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I was totally amazed when...
... I finally stopped to add up all of the money I had been spending on advertising my web site. Fifty dollars here, a hundred there; pretty soon it had become a substantial amount of money and I wasn't seeing much in return. On top of all that, I was pouring more than I care to even think about into Google and Yahoo ads..  That's why I created Article Submitter!    Joe Bellshaw, Developer


With the Google search engine we found hundreds of articles about Internet marketing tips, tricks and tactics and they didn't cost us a penny to buy any one of them. They were all FREE.

"Why in the world would so many people spend so much time writing free articles and getting them distributed all over the Internet?"

We began to examine the articles more closely as we read them and a few interesting patterns emerged. Of course, the first pattern we noticed was that I had found all of these articles by simply searching for a specific key phrase in Google.

So We went back to Google and tried other key phrases.

No matter what phrase we searched for in Google, we found hundreds of FREE articles written by people who actually knew what they were talking about!

What was in it for the authors of these articles? Why were they spending their time writing free articles for you and me to read and enjoy?

As we looked deeper, we realized that many of these articles were posted on article repository web sites. These were huge article directories that held thousands of articles on nearly any topic you could imagine.

These authors were using their articles to establish themselves as experts in their particular subject matter!

Because the articles weren't actually paid ads, people were reading them from top to bottom and then going to the Author's Resource Box to click on the link to the Author's web site, where the article was published.

Once they reached the Author's web site they invariably found something for sale!

When the articles pertain to a particular subject, that is to say, related to the products for sale, they would establish highly targeted prospects!

But making sales this way was just one of the benefits of distributing free articles. There were others as well!

  • The more article directories that a particular article was posted to, the more "back links" there were to the Author's main web site. Since Google sees back links as an indication of an "important" site, the Author's Google ranking was benefiting.

  • The more people who read the article and clicked back to the the Author's web site, the more traffic the site received. Since the Alexa Search Engine ranks sites based upon traffic, and the Alexa traffic rank is also part of Googles ranking alogrythm, the authurs websites would gain higher rankings in both Alexa and Google as well.

  • And finally, many of the authors had Google AdWords displayed on their main site, so they were earning revenues whenever a visitor from one of the article sites came and clicked.

Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted, on hundreds of article directories, without spending hours upon hours of laborious manual labor to get the exposure you need.

You can now have your own copy of our incredible Article Submitter Software, right now, for just a one time investment. That's no monthly fees with no limitations, you will have full control for when and where your articles will be submitted.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to establish yourself as an expert in your particular area.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to generate highly targeted traffic.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to make more sales.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to increase your Google Page Rank.

  • Use Article Submitter and your articles to boost your Alexa Traffic Rating.

If You have always wanted to be able to quit your day job and break into the Internet Marketing world "Article Submitter" is a great way to do it! Grab this incredible software now!

Just look at everything that comes with your copy of "Article Submitter":

Feature one

The Article Submitter has 138 Auto Fill article directories for you to start posting your articles to!  It also has an additional 25 Manual fill article directory/ezine sites as well.

Feature two

You will also have the ability to add Article Directories or Ezine submission sites, that are not listed! 

If an Article Directory site starts up that you want to submit to?  You just use the Add Directory button and add as many additional sites to the software as you find!

What if one of them closes down... you just delete it from the list of directories in the software.

We have 163 Directory sites already loaded in but you can load in as many more as you wish, by just inputting the URL of the LogIn page of any article directory/ezine site.

Don't be fooled by SPAM MACHINE SOFTWARE, that give claim to submitting to a million article feed sites. Your articles will just end up in link farms that nobody reads.

No where after you submit an article will you ever see any mention of us or our software, not to mention  that the Article Directory owners will also not have any idea you used a submission tool, your articles will look totally hand submitted.

Feature three

The Article Submitter software stores all articles, personal information and the resource box (Bio Box) for multiple submissions.  It then will proceed one at a time to go to each of the articles sites for you, log you in and auto fill all of your content including your name, your article, your author resource box, even the article summery on any sites that ask for it!

You will then need to manually select a category - this is the only real way to make sure your article ends up in the right places.

You then click the submit button... you have just submitted another article and it appears totally manual and natural to the article directory administration, which is a must, if you want your article to actually get published and not end up in the Failed to Deliver!

As you can see, Article Submitter is EVERYTHING you need to start driving highly targeted traffic to your web site in the least amount of time.

And the best part is: You can purchase "Article Submitter" right now for the very low price of $24.00

Article Submitter is EVERYTHING we say it is. Our Article Submitter is EVERYTHING you HOPE it is. In fact...

We’re so sure that you will love Our Article Submitter that we’re offering an Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

With Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your money, in full. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

We want to make it easy for you to become a proficient article marketer to enhance your website success. say YES today!

If you respond within the next 48 hours, you'll also receive the following:

Your 4 Bonus Items Are:

Bonus #1:  Article Writing Secrets - $47 value

Here is just a small list of what you will learn after you get your hands on the 'Article Writing Secrets' ebook:

- The absolute fastest and easiest way to pump out as many high quality, rich content articles as possible (this technique will have you pumping out dozens of high quality articles every single day - imagine all the things you will be able to do with all that content!)
- Exactly where to go to find inspiration, ideas and knowledge for your articles (these are some great resources you can use in order to never be stuck for things to write about)
- The easy and simple way to insure your articles look like they were written by professionals, and insure they get accepted to all the ezines and newsletters you want to submit them to (if you don't do this, you could be loosing out on A LOT of publicity!)
- Exactly how to write great articles to generate a viral monthly income!
- And many, many other ways you can profit from writing high quality, content rich articles!

Bonus #2:  Following the Guru - $47 value.

In "Following The Guru", you can learn some valuable lessons that will ramp up even your 'non-guru' offerings and have other marketers looking to you in amazement.

Here are a few things you will learn about:
- Successful affiliate marketing.
- Running your own profitable affiliate program.
- Blogging for easy cash (even for the newbie)
- How to successfully use sites like eBay to generate incredible profits.
- How to double, triple or even quadruple the value of your info products.
- How to generate extra revenue (in addition to traffic) with articles.
- How (and why) you could be your own next product.
- How to 'ethically copy' and create order pulling sales copy.

Bonus #3:  Magic Copywriting - $19 value

New for 2008!
Discover the Simple and Proven Methods and Techniques To Creating Magic Sales Copy that Turns your Visitors into Eager toBuy Paying Customers.

This ebook will show you:
- All about Sales letters.
- How to write an effective Sales Letter.
- Follow the AIDA Model.
- Basic elements of sales letters.
- 12 step guideline for sale letters.
- Ten basic rules for writing good sale letters.
- Final checklist for sale letters.

Bonus #4:  Article Page Machine - $4.95

This incredibly simple to use software allows you to convert any text article or data into a search engine friendly web page in just minutes. No HTML knowledge required. Simply enter a few details and you will have a perfectly formatted web page. You can control table sizes, border thickness, background colours to match your existing web pages. Edit and Change article titles, sub headlines and paste in fresh content at the click of a button. You can also preview your created pages before saving them. With Article Page Machine's excellent save template feature you can create dozens of new web pages in just a few minutes - Great for use with software like CB Text Ad Generator or Adsense and simple enough for anyone to use. Also includes 10 Sample Private Label Rights Articles!

Together these 4 free bonuses are worth more than tripple your investment in "Article Submitter" -- but they're all yours absolutely free when you order within the next 48 hours!

   For the low price of -- $24.00 you can be on your way to developing better ranking, more popularity, highly targeted traffic and greater sales to help make your website a success.That’s why…

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