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Yanik Silver Yanik Silver is a marketing consultant and excellent copywriter. He initially started as a seller of medical equipment. He also has had a few successful marketing campaigns while selling marketing equipment. Since the age of sixteen, he has been into direct response marketing. He is a specialist in developing and selling Internet marketing tools. Besides, he is an honest and humble marketer, which is a rarity. He commands respect from all in the world of marketing. All his products are at a reasonable price and provide quality information. He is polite and prompt in answering e-mails. He also answers his mail himself. He has built up his Internet empire slowly and steadily over the years.

Yanik has the respect of both his clients and other Internet marketers. His trust-worthiness and excellent customer service has made him popular. His products and services are among the best and dependable ones on the Internet. His advice on making money and his guidelines on his website and books assure you of good success in your attempts. His products are sure to yield results. He is an expert in creating many tools and similar other resources to enhance your sales and bring success to your business whether online or offline. Besides, his good nature and friendly relations with customers and clients has made him a much sought after person. This is another reason for the popularity of his products and services.___

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