Marlon Sanders is a very well known online marketer. His Amazing Formula was one of the first marketing guides that I ever purchased and it's still as valuable today as it was when I bought it. Not only does Marlon Sanders provide great products, he's not a bad guy either. Marlon has a keen marketing brain. He knows what to sell, how to sell, and when to sell. Not only that, he is very very focused on customer service. If only more companies conducted themselves like that, we'd all be better off. Marlon Sanders has a number of products available for online marketers-you can't go wrong with any product that has Marlon Sanders' name on it. He knows what products to develop for anyone wanting to make a living online. And these products work and work well. Also, many of them are rather unique. Amazing Formula Products

The Amazing Formula - Discover the amazing formula that sells products like crazy. CD-Rom plus 10 incredible info programs.

Associate Program Handbook - The first and only handbook for resellers, affiliates, associates and product-sellers that gives you a full 23 different ways to get those buyers to your web site.

Marlon Sanders Marketing Dashboard - The Marketing Dashboard simplifies your marketing by walking you step-by-step through a complete A to Z system. You don't have to wade through reams of information that take time to read, decipher, analyze and apply. All you do is click and follow the instructions. You don't even have to try to figure out what's next. You just click the next icon and follow the steps!

The Affiliate Dashboard - Point 'n Click" system for creating an affiliate program. Just click the icons, follow the step-by-step instructions, complete with visual screen captures and videos, that show you exactly what to do and how to do it. You will get your own affiliate program up and running successfully -- or your money back.

Push Button Letters Software - Just Fill In The Blanks, Click a Button And Out Pops a Potent, Targeted Sales Letter Ready To Sell Your Products or Services!

Gimme My Money Now! - Discover how you can create products fast and roll them out successfully via simple two page websites.
Cost=$199.00 to $299.00

Automate Your Web Business - How would you like to learn the inside secrets of automating things you never dreamed of. Learn to put your business on auto-pilot so you can spend your time doing the things you really want!

Ad Copy Secrets - Discover The 12-Step Formula for Writing Copy That Sells! CD-Rom plus 8 incredible info programs. Cost=$203.00

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