Real Tech Network - We have the ability to geo-target banner ads to anywhere in the world, country, or state. Advertisers have full access to all campaign statistics in real time. We currently serve over 12.6 billion impressions per month to top quality independently operated sites worldwide.

Direct Hits.com - Providing real traffic to your website via direct hits. Get wholesale website traffic as a cost effective alternative to advertising, through targeted banner ads or pay per click advertising. Our pay per click banners offer highly effective advertising at reduced prices. If you compare the popular overture pay per click services you would be paying a minimum of .10 cents per click, and usually you will end up paying much, much more. With our larger packages you are paying rates lower than 1 and a half cents per click. These low rates are a great way to make a healthy return on your investment.

Extreme Marketing Program - Make your website a success by combining 3 of the most effective website promotion solutions ever found (guaranteed qualified targeted visitors, banner advertising and Solo Ezine advertising) into one Extreme Marketing Program, we call it the "EMP" for short.

Submit Pro.us - You can submit banner ads globally with 100% Targeted Low Cost Banner Impressions.
• Full Online Support - Live Help 24/7
• Categorical Targeting
• High Quality Network
• Real-time Reporting - 24/7
• 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
• Click Monitoring (CTR)
• Quick Activation of Your Campaign
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Contextual Adv Network - At Clicksor™, our Contextual Advertising Technology will maximize your internet advertising dollar by displaying your advertisement only on relevant web pages and pay per click search engines. By matching your selected keywords and channels to our content-rich affiliate sites and search engines, we can deliver highly targeted contextual ads that go well beyond any traditional advertising method. Our advertising service is set on an auction model (Cost Per Visit, Cost Per Click / Pay per Click and Cost Per Thousand Impression metrics) where you may bid for placement ranking.

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