Armand Morin - Internet Marketing Expert Armand Morin started online in 1996 and is now one of the most recgonized internet marketers in the world today. Prior to this he was the CEO and Co-Founder of Global Telecom International, Inc., which was acquired by American Nortel Corporation. Armand's online businesses have generated over $25 million in revenue. Each year Armand appears at live business trainings and seminars all over world, sharing the stage with other world famous marketers like Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and Jay Conrad Levinson. Armand is a prolific internet marketer with numerous internet products to his name, including Audio Generator, eMail AutoResponder, Directory Generator, eBook Generator, eBook Cover Generator, FlashPal Generator, Header Generator, Instant Video Generator, PDF Generator, LinkCheck Generator, MultiTrack Audio Generator, PopOver Generator, Psychological Marketing Tactics, Keywords Software and SalesLetter Generator.

Armond Morin also has a website ‘Instant Audio’ through which customers call 800 numbers to record their testimonials. The advantage of such testimonials is when the new customers are added they can listen to the experience of customers who have already used the products. Another feather in the cap of Morin is the e-book 'Take OnlinePayments.com’, which deals with eighty companies permitting you to use credit cards through the Internet without a merchant account.

Armand Morin has contributed a lot to the success of online entrepreneurs. Through his various online software solutions, he has made an online business very successful. His online seminars, educational products and user-friendly software are the ladders to success for those who want to reach higher echelons of success.___

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