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You get all three Slide Rotators, the Standard Image Rotator, the Image Rotator with filters and the Javascript Image Viewer.

You will only need a basic understanding of HTML to input the code on your webpages. You don't need any knowledge of Javascript to place the code in your webpages, you just have to follow the input instructions.

•  Easy Image Input
•  Can Change Speed
•  Change Filters
•  Can Hyperlink All Images
•  Single Line Placement
•  Easy Copy & Paste Code
•  Step by step Instruction
•  Display Aff Prgr Img/URL's

    The Slide Presentation Code can be downloaded within minutes. The download is in eBook format and can be viewed with  IE4+ or greater. After submitting your purchase info, an email with a hyperlink to the download, will be sent to the email address you submit in the purchase order.


Our image rotators are very versatile when it comes to positioning, setting speeds and size. You can display any number of slides and they can be made to any size and any format GIF, JPG or PNG. You can even display 468 x 60 banner images with affiliate hyperlinks. All image rotators are browser compatable, they work on all IE 4 to 7 browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape ...

The Image Rotator with Javascript FadeIn Technology is all browser compatable, with one restriction, only all Internet Explorer browsers (IE 4 to 7, sbcYahoo & NetZero) will view the fadein or any of the 17 transition effects, all other browsers will see our custom fadein code for Firefox and Netscape browsers. The Javascript Image Rotator, without filters, works with all current day browsers. You can also incorporate more filters other then the fadein transition filter.

Here is a list of 17 filter: transitions that can be used by our image rotator and image viewer to enhance the effects you desire.
  • Barn
  • Blinds
  • CheckerBoard
  • Fade
  • GradientWipe
  • Inset
  • Iris
  • Pixelate
  • RadialWipe
  • RandomBars
  • RandomDissolve
  • Slide
  • Spiral
  • Stretch
  • Strips
  • Wheel
  • Zigzag
  • The package also includes a Javascript Image Viewer with the same Javascript Fade In Technology. Works on all IE, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape browsers.

    Fade FilterNo Filters

    The javascript image viewer works with any current browser. All IE browsers view the fade in effects, all Mozilla/Netscape browsers view our custom fadein code. The image width, height, speed and MS filter can be changed.


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