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The RSS Feed eBook is a compiled html document with a reference section, example code and hyperlinked lists of syndications, with automatic Ping sites that will submit your Feed URL to a multitude of popular syndications all for free.

•  Low Cost
•  RSS 2.0 Specifications
•  How to Create XML Files
•  How to Display RSS
•  How to Syndicate
•  Auto Pingers to 100+ Sites
•  RSS File Creator
•  W3c's XML Validation
•  Step by step Instruction
•  RSS Advrtsng Secrets

You only need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to write the xml files.

The RSS Feed eBook can be downloaded within minutes. The download is a .zip folder, containing the html files that make up the RSS Feed, which can be viewed with any IE5+ browser.

After submitting your purchase info, an email with a hyperlink to the download, will be sent to the email address you submit in the purchase order.


RSS stands for "Realy Simple Syndication". Rss is also an xml dialect for syndicating web content across the World Wide Web. An RSS feed enables a website to display content for any personal website or display content from other websites. The benefits of these RSS feeds are website exposure, increased search engine traffic, increased popularity ranking, content branding and increase in general traffic.

Our eBook explains how to create the xml files, so that you can make your web content available for syndication. Using an RSS feed on your own site, can be used to display news, articles, blogs, event listings, headlines or even coordinated web advertisements. Content written by yourself or a team of writers, displayed with an RSS Feed, can make cataloging an easy chore in xml format. We show how to set up these xml files to display news, articles, blogs even advertisements on your own website and the entire internet.

The second section of the RSS Feed eBook. Shows how to display your RSS content, on your website for free. With a choice of javascript to html or PHP to html format.

The final part of the RSS Feed eBook will explain the syndication process and how you can syndicate your web content to the WWW for free. With our lists of ping and syndicating websites, you can submit your feed to 100's of sites in less then an hour and its all free.

RSS is a free advertising schema to brand your website and establish credentials in your field of expertise, in the form of articles or blogs. If you write news articles, you will gain in popularity and website activity. When a person clicks on your articles, the page your article is written on will be displayed. Depending on your article page architecture, if you include any menus or links to other sections of your website, it could establish an article viewer as a permenant advocate. A third advantage is developing popularity to increase your website rankings. We will show you where to put links to your website so that, when your RSS feed is displayed by other websites, the search engines will pick up your link and credit you with popularity.

You can even write pertinent ads to your specific product line. How to input ads into your articles to gain multiple popularity links. Maybe you have noticed how every "Big" website, on the internet, incorporates RSS Feeds. So if you want to popularize, advertise, brand or get public recognition for your writting expertise. The RSS Feed will do it for you, and it won't cost you any more then the cost of this ebook to implement.

The RSS eBook will show you how to set up your RSS files, how to syndicate your feed to the internet for free, in less then 60 minutes of your time.

This package also includes an RSS File Creator to help automate your process, and the free ebook guide, exposing all the latest RSS advertising advantages. "RSS Advertising Secrets" included as token of our appreciation.

Below is our own Portal Depot article feed. We set up and syndicated to 20 of the most popular syndicates on the internet (automatically), for "Free", without spending a dime, and we did it in less then 60 minutes, with our 3 step process.


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