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The free news feed is sposored by; ; Free News; Wold and Fresh . Go to any link above and read the instructions, they are easy to follow. has a variety of popular news feeds, but if you need a better variety visit Syndic8.
    You can enhance any website with free news content, from over 1500 news sources, from every topic you can imagine. First determine the type of news you are looking for and then pick a news site in the catagory of your choice. Visit to choose from 1000's of websites with XML Feeds. Get the XML url of the news site, then go to and input the XML url, according to instructions from their RSS Feed setup, which is free to use on any website.
    If you need full RSS to HTML capabilities, we recommend the CARP Software by , the software has a free trial edition and for a low cost of $19.00 you can purchase the full edition. The CARP software allows either Javascript to HTML or PHP to HTML, which enhances search engine activity.

If you would like to learn how to create your own news, article or blog feed, click on the following link.    Create Your Own RSS Feed

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