Banner Rotator
Banner Rotator

You get all three banner rotators, the all browser Banner Rotator, FadeIn Banner Rotator and a Random Banner Generator. They all work with frames and single page docs.

You only need a basic understanding of HTML to place code on your webpages. You do not need knowledge of Javascript to input the banner rotators, you just have to follow the input instructions.

•  Easy Image Input
•  Can Change Speeds
•  Change Filters
•  Step by Step Instruction
•  Single Line Placement
•  Easy Copy & Paste Code
•  Accepts Aff Images/URL's

The Banner Rotator code can be easily downloaded within two minutes. The download is in eBook format and can be viewed with any IE4+ browser.

After completing your purchase, an email with a hyperlink to the download, will be sent to your email address, that you submit in the purchase order.


Our new BR3.0 version of Banner Rotators includes a random banner rotator, a plain image rotator and an image rotator with transition capabilities. The banner rotators, or image rotators, are all very versatile in positioning, setting speeds, image sizes and inputting URL hyperlinks to each image. The actual number of banners, you can rotate, can amount to almost any number. Although, more then 6 large images might create a load time problem. The javascript banner ads can be any size and any GIF, JPG or PNG format. You can also use any of Microsoft's 17 transition filters, with the banner rotator that utillizes the "FadeIn Technology". It will accept any of Microsoft's transition filters, to be viewed by all IE5+ browsers, and at the same time, the new version will display our custom fadein code for Mozilla / Firefox / Netscape browsers.

All of the javascript banner rotators accept any affiliate program URL's and Images. These javascript image rotators are all browser compatible, and work on all IE 5+ browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape 6+.

Microsoft's 17 transition filters, that can be used by our "FadeIn Rotator" :
  • Barn
  • Blinds
  • CheckerBoard
  • Fade
  • GradientWipe
  • Inset
  • Iris
  • Pixelate
  • RadialWipe
  • RandomBars
  • RandomDissolve
  • Slide
  • Spiral
  • Stretch
  • Strips
  • Wheel
  • Zigzag
  • Plain Image Rotator

    This slide rotator is an exclusive all browser compatable script, that can rotate any number of slides and any size. As long as you got the time to load them. When you look at the performance, browser compatibility and the simplicity of this code its the best rotator script on the internet. You can input any size images and the rotating time interval can be set to any time frame. You can hyperlink the images to most any url including afilliate url's and afilliate images.

    Banner  Rotator  With  FadeIn  Technology  -   New  

    The banner rotator with FadeIn technology works with all current day browsers, all IE browsers will view Microsoft's transition filters and all other Mozilla Firefox and Netscape browsers will see our custom fadein code. The filters can be changed as easily as just typing in the different names of the filters, there are 17 transition filters that can be displayed.

    **We should explain why we have 2 different transitional routines, one for IE browsers and one for all other browsers. Microsoft developed transitional filters for CSS when IE4 was popular. The problem is that the CSS filters were never accepted by the W3C's standards for CSS. So there has never been a demand for other browser companies to implement the filter technology into their browser engines, unless it becomes a standard. So all IE browsers can view the filter code and all other browsers donot accept the code, their browsers ignore the code.

    Our old BR2.0 version implemented the Microsoft filters, that could be viewed only by IE browsers and all other browsers would view a plain image rotation. But now all Netscape or Mozilla Firefox browsers, commonly called the Gecko browser engine, (The Gecko engine is the heart of all Netscape/Mozilla Firefox browsers), will now view our custom fadein code, while all IE browsers view the Microsoft filters.

    Random Banner Generator

    The Random Banner Generator displays a randomly selected banner every time you visit the page. It is all browser compatable. Try refreshing the page to see the change.


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